3-part course: Healing Your Inner Child

A Path to your peace Lies Within

Through my personalized coaching, I’ll work alongside you to develop an integrated plan to achieve your goals from an internal place of peace—often combining the practices of mindfulness, an exercise program, meditation, and other activities.


Hi, I'm Derick.

I have experienced extremely challenging moments in my life. These moments caused me to stumble and sometimes start over. But I knew these were the defining moments that his most significant victories would be measured.

Today, I am one of the most sought-after Performance Mindset Coaches in the world, living by my motto, “you will always only ever be whatever you think you are,” teaching people to believe in themselves, and then they will see their results.





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3-Part Course

Ā Healing your inner child starts today.
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Joe Reed

"My work with DG has been transformative. He not only helped me see I have no limit to my potential, but how to tap into it as well." 

 Tyasha Harris
"My time with DG is always special. I feel like I always hit new levels of performance and internal peace every time we work together." 
 Michaela Mabrey
"My time working with DG, I was able to find the peace and balance I was looking for as a college coach." 
 Marina Mabrey
"My time working with DG has been immeasurable. He has truly changed my life." 
Landon Paddock

"The tranquility that comes with being present in my professional and personal life has been life changing, thanks to DG."

 Kyle Guy

"DG has helped transform my mind more than any basketball workout could have." 

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